Hair. Most of us have it. Few of us are always happy with it. And disasters, yup, we’ve all been there. Heading to the salon with magazine perfect images of what we’ll look like in our heads. Sometimes we get what we were after. Sometimes, we REALLY don’t.

Right now, I’m really happy with my hair. Having worn it long to very long for most of the last decade, with one short spell of shoulder length-ish to get rid of some crappy over coloured split ends. Right now, I’m wearing my hair in a pretty short bob, just a little longer than jaw length. After my curls spontaneously went limp about two and a half year ago, I’m able to wear my hair shorter, and manage it too! Short and curls were not things that went together for me. They work fantastically well for some, but not for me.

I’m also at the point where, thanks to my genes, my once almost black hair is now somewhat mousey and nudging 50% white. More in some patches. Hair doesn’t tend to go white in a uniform manner. So there’s careful parting, regular colouring, and in the week or two before I have regrowth done, brown/dark brown hair mascara, which mostly conceals my hard line of white regrowth. I’m considering options on the best way to hide that regrowth, and still look good. I’m very pale, and honestly, I’m not well enough, and don’t have the budget to be running to the salon every four weeks. Six weekly for cuts is draining enough as it stands for me. So taking everything into account, I’m still working out what’s my best option. Loads of foils to bring the colour to a lighter look, then go from there, is, at present, my best option. But, when you’ve been dark to very dark since toddlerhood, going to a lighter point is going to be a big change. So it is going to require some good hard thought.

So, onto hair disasters. A blogger I follow recently asked about them. What’s your worst? So, here’s mine.

Firstly, my mistake was to go to one of those no appointment necessary “salons” in a shopping centre. Fail. So I asked for a long bob, just shoulder grazing perfection. So. She cut it. Pretty much what I asked. But didn’t show me the back. Which she had. Not. Cut. Yup. So my sides were lovely lob cuteness, while the back was still halfway down my back. Yup. So. I had to go to my regular hairdresser, tail between legs, and have it fixed. Lesson learned. If you’ve got a hairdresser you get along with, that can manage what at the time was crazy corkscrew spiral curls (natural), stay with them! Hang onto them like your life depends on it!

My very worst haircut was one of my own doing when I was ten. Fringe. Ended up about 3/4 of a centimetre long. Yup. Three weeks before my first communion. So there’s the hair, immortalised in all its photographic glory. Oh and while that was growing out, I copped a cricket bat to the (super round, cortisone moon face) face, and had a black-eye that took six weeks to fully heal. 1991 was an eventful year for my head!

Less of a disaster, though definitely an adventure was having to learn to style barely wavy hair after all my curls went straight. Took me months to work out what had happened, thinking it was one of those thirty day keratin treatments, and it was lasting really well! It was just a coincidence as it turned out. I currently have five different hairbrushes in my kit, two different combs, and a vast array of products to add a little volume when it’s flatter than a pancake, and to smooth what can still be a little bit of a frizz ball!

Yeah, my hair and I have had some “adventures”. We’ve all had them. When you look at hair in magazines, or online, remember, most of those pictures have had a LOT of photoshopping, and what could be hours of professional styling before even getting in front of a camera. And, when looking for styles, please, take hair type and texture, as well as face shape into account before begging your stylist to give you a do there’s no way you can manage at home. My hairdresser did a little skip when I showed her what I’d like. Because, being a “do your homework” type of gal, when I’d gone looking for a short choppy bob, I’d searched “fine short hair round face”. If you’ve got a round ol’ face like I do at the moment (thanks to my cortisone battles, minus cortisone, my face is a good deal more oval), and fine hair, you go in begging for a pixie cut like Emma Watson had a few years back, there’s a fair chance you’ll be disappointed. Michelle Williams pixie cut on the other hand, was styled a bit more carefully around the face, and rocked/rocks on her! But, again, not going to be ideal if you’ve got curls. I read Emma Watson had her hair permanently straightened prior to her pixie cut, so that’s something to consider too. Talk to your stylist. If they’re worth their salt, they’ll walk you through what’s going to work, and what won’t.