It seems everywhere I’ve turned in the last twenty four hours, someone is struggling with an idiot. They are everywhere.

My incident involved a family member who felt the best way to get their point across was to yell at me. That climate change doesn’t exist, all because we had ONE day of semi decent rain in ten weeks. Really. This is not the first time that this has happened with this individual. I TRY very hard to make allowances, though not excuses, for this person, due to head injuries from a car accident, and severe alcoholism. But everyone has their limits. In the past, I have told this person that if they declared they were a climate change skeptic in my presence again, they would get a size ten skeptic up their backside. It silenced them. For a time.

This morning, a girl I went to school with was subjected to a racist tirade, and her very existence questioned, because apparently you can’t be an Indigenous Australian, Chinese Australian, and Muslim, and a woman living in Melbourne. Umm. What the fuck? I know there’s some really genuinely stupid, willfully ignorant arseholes around, but I am genuinely lost for words at how anyone thinks it’s their right to say the sort of shit said to this woman. Who by the way, is every bit as real as me, and doing a bloody awesome job at life! One comment even suggested she should throw in one legged lesbian, just to really cover all bases.

What on earth makes people think they can spew this sort of abuse?

The idiot I had to deal with was by no means anything remotely approaching the level of idiot my school mate had to endure. But, its an interesting observation that my idiot also once declared Australian Indigenous people wouldn’t have advanced without white colonisation (they used the word settlement, but I feel colonised is more appropriate.). This person actually used the old chestnut “they didn’t even have the wheel”. Umm, 40,000 years on the most inhospitable, inhabited continent in the world, not just surviving, but thriving. They didn’t need the bloody wheel.

It seems like the world is becoming ruder and it’s getting more and more in your face every day.  I think, as much as I love social media, that it has a fair portion of blame to take. Keyboard warriors feel very safe behind their computers, tucked away in their safe homes and offices.

It costs nothing to be a nice person. It also costs nothing to realise that everyone is entitled to an opinion, but that often, that is all that it is, an opinion. That does not make it a fact.

As to my idiot, climate change, according to the vast, indeed overwhelming proportion of expert scientists on the subject is fact. His skepticism is rooted in reading newspapers with overwhelming bias due to interests in fossil fuels, and on shock jock talkback bullshit that appeals to the lowest common denominator.

Sometimes, though, we have to pick our battles. Usually, I make my point, argue to a certain point, and then, often as not, either hang up if it’s a phone call, walk out if it’s in person, or block if it’s on social media.

Idiots are everywhere. Hell, you’ve got more chance of being accosted by an idiot than you do of being shat on by a bird, or stepping in gum or dog shit while you’re enjoying a stroll in the park. There’s no avoiding them. But you can choose to be the bigger person and walk away. In fact, for your sanity, and health, I strongly advise walking away! I’ve had way more to do with idiots than anyone my age should have! Especially for someone who’s not in any of the usual discriminated against minorities (or any minorities for that matter).

What most of these idiots are, is bullies. Inadequate personalities who feel they have to bring others down to pump themselves up and big note themselves. The big noting really tests my pacifism. And my temper. But then, if I bitch slapped them into next week the way I’d like to, I’d would be as bad as them. And, at the heart of that, I’m not that person. Im a person who believes in peace. A person who believes, despite everything, people can be good. A person who believes that the good, will, eventually win. And, I’m a person who believes in facts. Sure, I have my opinions on those facts, but I try hard to make sure I make, hold and even change where appropriate those opinions. Facts can be verified. Opinions can not.

Be kind to each other. Every other person out there is fighting a battle.