And so it is. Today I’m officially half way through my 30’s. Thirty five. Thirty. Fucking. Five. Am I where I imagined I’d be when I daydreamed about being a “grown up” a quarter of a century, and more, back? No. Nowhere near it.

Am I the person I would have been had I not fallen ill so many years ago? I doubt it. But, maybe I’m more compassionate, and empathetic because I’ve had struggle.

But, in spite of living with chronic illness for way too many years, I’m still me. I am, and always will be Jac first.

I laugh at silly things.

I find farts way more funny than they should be.

I love dogs. I think my world is brighter for having such loving souls in it.

I love animals. Except snakes. I just can’t. Sorry.

I think children are amazing, the way they see the world, and their rationing processes. Not to mention the humour they develop so staggeringly early in life!

I’m ridiculously good at putting Ikea flat packs together.

I love The X Files. Grey’s Anatomy. Offspring. Sex and the City. Friends. Buffy. Outlander. Oh Sam Heughan, you beautiful, mesmerising man!

When I hear Uptown Funk, I have to dance, even if it means I’ll hurt for days afterwards.

I love sitting with my “sisters”, even if we have nothing to say, just being with my circle of amazing women is enriching.

I’d love to meet an amazing man to share my life with. Maybe we’ve already crossed paths but timing or whatever was off, or I was too shy to talk to him more. Maybe he’s still to show up.

I love music, and live music makes me feel like there really is a bit of magic in the world.

I have an uncanny ability to get my head around sciencey stuff that I really shouldn’t be able to comprehend.

I love reading. Charlaine Harris is one of my favourites; I’m reading Night Shift at the moment.

I’ve read the Twilight saga books, and, yup, I enjoyed them! Don’t judge me.

Fake people make me want to shake them.

I love broccoli. Yup.

i don’t care who dies in a movie or tv show, so long as it’s not an animal.

I still have hopes and dreams, they’re just a bit modified from what they used to be.

I love my Adelaide Crows. I’ve sat through the very best, and painful worst of their games, and in 18 seasons, left a game early only twice, and once was due to torrential rain, and was the night after my Gran died! And even then, it was in to time on in the 4th quarter!

I’m still me. Not the me I might have been, but is anyone exactly who they thought they’d be when they were a kid? I doubt it. And that’s probably a good thing.

Have a dance for me today!