Once again we find ourselves at the close of another year. It’s been a crazy one in so many ways. So many incredible, talented, and beloved artists gone, and so many suddenly. I won’t talk about the overgrown Oompa Loompa about to move into the big shack on Pennsylvania Ave!

As I did last year, I’m going to try to find 16 things I’m grateful for in 2016.

I’m no particular order. Except Number 1!
1. Of course this spot had to belong to my Poppy dog. She’s weird, funny, silly, daft, loving, beautiful and incredibly special. She’s challenging at times, but what loving soul isn’t?! I truly am blessed to be guardian to this wonderful little soul.


Some snuggles with Poppy! ☺

2. While it’s a bit odd to be grateful for this next one, I’m grateful nonetheless. I’m grateful to have access to a knowledgable, and honest surgeon. While my shoulders are a long way from perfect, and a bloody long way from pain free, they at least aren’t dislocating now.


My left shoulder. What two open shoulder reconstructions look like. They’re good sized scars that are hard to hide!

3. Kind of a follow on from the previous one. I’m grateful to finally have real answers as to why my body is as batshit crazy as it is! Thirty five years to find I’m not weird, weak, a bit soft, a sook, just clumsy, accident prone, and on and on. No, I’m “just” made with really shit connective tissues. As my surgeon put it, really cramp and dodgy scaffold. So technical! It sucks, but, I can’t change it, and it’s pointless being angry about it. I just do my best, as I always have, to make the most of life.
4. My friends. You’re a mad and motley crew sometimes. But you’re MY mad and motley crew!
5. My Mum. Through four major Ortho surgeries, several minor ones, thirty five years of my bat shit crazy body and all it’s thrown at us!
6. Music. Music is part of my soul, and I don’t know how I’d have survived this year without its uplifting, soul cleansing beauty.
7. Another follow on. Ronan Keating. My blondie boy. Over twenty years of love for this Dublin lad! The ticket to his Adelaide concert kept me going at times this year. I truly had the time of my life that night. And, as always, was left hanging out for more! I got closer than ever before. Next time, I’ll tick an item off the bucket list, and meet him!


Ronan Keating @ the AEC 30/10/16 “Time Of My Life Tour” and oh boy was it the time of MY life! ❤

8. More music! The sodden, drowned rat crowd, including me, at the Rob Thomas gig at the Clipsal 500! Pouring rain, thunder and even ridiculously close lightning didn’t spoil that night!
9. Books! I’m a much slower reader than I used to be, but I still loves my books! I’ve just finished The Dressmaker. So funny, so dark. But so good.
10. Outlander, books and show! *nods*
11. Oh come on, you know this next one has to be Sam Heughan! If there’s a finer example of Scots Man, I’m happy to be redirected!
12. My Crows. God you boys put us through the ringer a few times this year! And despite falling a bit short at the end, I’m still proud of what you’ve achieved in the last two seasons. A special mention to my unofficial favourite player of the last ten years or so, Nathan Van Berlo. A tireless contributor to our club, a fantastic captain, and a good bloke to boot!


Brodie Smith kicking in from the southern boundary in the first Showdown of 2016!

13. Being able to cuddle my friends kids! With a special mention to baby Zoe who made her much anticipated entrance into this world in March! Also that I’m Aunty Jac/Dac to them! ❤
14. Bridget Jones Baby. Laughed until I cried! My favourite of the three films I think!
15. That I (ME, Myself, I!!!) had the magnificent Adelaide Oval lit blue for International M.E./C.F.S. Awareness Day in May! For the second year running. And I have the ball rolling for the event again in 2017! fullsizerender

16. That I’m still kicking and screaming my way into another New Year!

And a bonus one –
17. Hogmanay! My Scots genes dictate I must use the Scots term for New Years! Happy Hogmanay folks. See you in 2017! img_4328