This year hasn’t been great. There’s no sugar coating it. My body just hasn’t behaved the way it should. Chronic migraines, more joint problems, pain, fatigue. Ha! Fatigue, it seems like such a light word when compared to what this year has been like. But, I’m still grateful for a lot of things. So here’s my 17 things I’ve been grateful for in 2017.

1) My little Poppy dog. She’s the weirdest, funniest, sweetest, most loving little dog I’ve ever known. And I’ve known some special little dogs. There isn’t a day goes by where I don’t laugh at her gorgeous little being. The way she bounces like Pepe Le Pew. Her Swiss watch accuracy about dinner time. Her unbelievably demonstrative love. She’s a blessing beyond words.

2) Music – it’s magical. Uplifting, transformative, and just damn fun!

3) My Adelaide Crows. They made it all the way to the big dance this year. Couldn’t get past the roaring Tigers, but what a year it was.

4) I made it to that big dance! I still don’t quite know how I did it. And truthfully, I still haven’t recovered. But what a day. Shit outcome, but magic nonetheless.

5) Twenty plus years in the making. A photo with Crows legend Tony Modra. I’m surprised he couldn’t see my heart beating out of my chest! Haha.

6) New X Files. It was a long time between drinks, but worth the wait! And we’re now only days away from more new episodes!

7) Diana Gabaldon’s mind. The Outlander series has been a wonderful escape from what has been a bit of a shit year in a lot of ways. Reading has been slow going with the migraines, but I’m getting there. The show has been perfection!

8) Come on, you know what has to be next. Sam Heughan. Nuff said.

9) Bon Jovi are finally going into the Rock ‘ N ‘ Roll Hall of Fame.

10) Red Jelly Cakes from Bakery On O’Connell.

11) Actually, Bakery On O’Connell deserve a mention in their own right. Nom nom.

12) My new doctor who listens, and is ready to learn and work with me!

13) Seeing Hunters and Collectors live as a group this year! Aussie rock royalty. Holy Grail baby!

14) That Marriage Equality is FINALLY a reality in Australia. Now everyone can marry who the love, if they want to.

15) Seeing another childhood friend get married. What a beautiful day! I even danced. 💃🏻 It’s like a leap year thing, only happens every four years or so! 😂

16) Old friends, and new. Near and far.

17) My support network. I’d be nowhere without it.